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The Peoples Section!

Last updated May 16, 1999

Welcome everyone to the part of this site dedicated to you! There will be a message board, a chat room, a high scores section, a reader review section, and anything you want!  Just e-mail me, and it will be done if i can!  Send me those high scores for any game, or evn the best times you've gotten, or how quick you've beaten a game.   There is also a Q&A Section! Send me those reviews.  Answer my poll.  Ask me a quesion, and you are garunteed a reply!  Do anything you want, this is your section!  What other site can give u that?

In the Peoples News Section i have put up anything related to this section, or whatever i thought was cool that a reader sent it.  Go their often to read the latest updates, and some really cool things.

The chat i have chosen is very fast.  There might be chats in progress (look above of when u click the link).  Or, u might have to start your own

My Forums is a more organized message board u have to sign up for.  U use the same sign up name as for the chat.  The forums lets u sell, buy and trade games, and has dedicated other forums to RPG, Qestions, etc.  The Message Board is easier to use, but less organized, i have both because i want to see wich one is more successful, plus, the forum came with the chat :)

The Peoples News

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Question and Answers!

Chat Room

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Send in anything!  Comments, reviews, codes, whatever u want!