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Question and Answers

Hello!  This is where me and my staff members put the answers to questions that they recieve.  We will put the answer to almost every question asked!

So dont delay, ask away!

January 16, 1999

Q:  Can u help me through the first level of A Bug's Life?

A:  I'm sorry, none of my staff here at VgbcH  have that game.  Check the staff games for the Games we do have. However, you can ask your question in my messag board forums, my message board, or when we have a chat!

January 15

Q:  Is there a way to get all the keys in the third Dungeon of Zelda DX?

A:   Not that I know of, try checking the FAQs I have up for a detailed way on how to get them!  (Viper)

Q:  What is known about the infra-red port at the top of the GBC?

A:  Well, it is supposed to be able to transfer information from one player to another, like stats, high scores, custom pieces, and things like that.  It will say in the games manual if the game supports this feature.  Also, the two GB's must be in between 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches apart.  For multiplayer play, this wont work, because it would be too slow, so the cable will still be needed.  (Viper)

Q:  Does Gameshark or GameGenie work for GBC?

A:  Yes, and No.  Both work with GBC when your using a non colored game, but dont when u are using a game made specificaly for color (ex:  Tetris DX).  Strangely, they work with the colored games on a normal or pocket GB though.  Very odd.  A GS made for GBC should be out very soon! (Viper)

Q:  Which is better, Power Quest, or MK4?

A:  Power Quest, no contest!  It has a lame story, but the graphics are great!  The fighting is fast, the controls are smooth, and the game is very challenging and doesn't get boring quickly.  However, with MK4, it is slow, the controls are terrible, the color is bad, and it's way to easy!  Power Quest is the definit choice!  (Viper)

Q:  What does "DX" mean?

A:  DX means delux.  When a game has DX after it, not only is it colorized, but chances are it has new features too! (Viper)

Q:  Will GB Camera be in full color?

A:  No.  It wont be full color, but u can add the color to the pics by using the default palets.  Of course, the printer isn't in color either.  There are currently no plans to make a color camera for GBC either.  (Viper)

Q:  Whats the deal with Pokemon Silver and Gold?

A:  Pokemon Silver and Gold is considered to be Pokemon 2.  It has 250 Pokemon in it, a clock that lets them sleep, and with it, u might even be able to evolve some of the ones u got in the Blue/Red version, even when u thought they couldn't (ex:  Blastoise).  (Viper)

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