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The Peoples News

Welcome everyone to your news!  If something regarding the peoples section happens or changes, it will be posted here.  If i recieve an interesting mail, i will put it here.  Check back here often too.  I will have chat date times, and anything else the people want!

May 16, 1999

I took the poll away from the peoples section, and am only keeping it on the Main Page

Everone better start sending in their scores and reviews...this sections dieing!

Febraury 26, 1999

Well, after a month of neglect towards the peoples section, i have finally updated again!  

I added a new poll, so check it out.  

There are also more high scores up!!!

The shot-outs page was updated!

I added a previous polls section as well!

I also added a harsh reader review of NFL Blitz!!  so check it out

If i forgot anyone on the shot-outs page, please let me know!!!!  E-mail me, and tell me what you did to help out my site, and i will put you on!

January 18, 1999

        I updated the shot-outs page!  Come one, keep sending me things, almost anything will get you on it (except a Question)  

        I added two new reader reviews!  They are great!  Keep 'em comming!

        Lastly, i updated the High Scores section!  I think this section has the most potential, but will be the hardest to do.  So please, send in those high scores and get this section moving!

        I'm still looking for someone to be my reporter, so if u are interested, e-mail me.


January 16, 1999

      I updated the Q&A with one of the questions i recieved i thought should be addressed on that section.  

       I added a shot-outs page!  Lets make it grow.  Send me anything u think i could put up in the news, or codes, or a reader review, a high score, ANYTHING!

       Lastly, i would like to thank everyone who comes here.  Yesterday when i added the peoples section, over 200 people came!  Thats the most i ever got in one day!  Lets keep that number rising by participating in the peoples section!  Oh, and EAGB, once again, thank you for your support.

January 15 (2nd update)

      Expect many updates a day here in the People's News, because we serve the people, and we serve them fast.  

      Out of the e-mails i recieved today, one stuck out.  It stated that we need more up-to-date news related to GBC. This is true, we lack there the most (besides from codes, which we are constantly working to complete!).  So, here was the person's idea, which i greatly like!  He said we should e-mail all the game producers who make GB games, and ask them to e-mail us the latest info on their GBC games, and pics too.  Well, this would be easy, if i knew any e-mail addresses of the game producers.  If u know any, e-mail me.  Also, my job is gettin pretty big, and this would add to it, so does anyone want to be my reporter?  I would really apreciate it.  Thanx

     I am gunna make a shot-outs page, anyone who helps me out, will be on it, unless u say otherwise!  (Oh, and the person who sent me the e-mail i described above will be in it unless he tells me otherwise!)

January 15, 1999

       Here it is, the first day of the People's Section!  I wasn't going to add the peoples news until i recieved a letter from on of the best GB Web Sites out there, Euro-Asia Gameboy!  They said they really liked the idea of a people's section, and they wrote an article about it and posted it on the homepage!  It is great to have the support of such a wonderful site as EAGB, instead of getting stabbed in the back like some other big site did to me (::cough:: GBC Dojo ::cough::).  I apreciate them doing everything they've done for us, so lets support them. They have everything a GB site needs, their site is a must visit!

Their article says:

At last! We've discovered a fellow GameBoy site that practices a tenet which is sadly lacking in many bigger sites these days. It's called "Viper's GameBoy Color Homepage", and in their own words:

"We are the only GameBoy Color site that is for the people! We do what u ask, u want a link, its up, u have a question, it will be answered. The Peoples section is only for the people. It has Reader Reviews, it has Question and Answers, it has a message board, a chat, a forum, a poll, and a High Score section!"

Yes, Viper indeed understands the potent force of People Power. After all, it was People Power that brought down corrupt dictators in both the Philippines and Indonesia, and it is for the People that sites like ours are initiated and maintained. Without People visiting our sites, we are nothing, and without People clicking on our pathetic 'Please Support Us' banners, we would be poorer. Ultimately for any web site, People are the means to an end.

So come on everyone, let's support Viper, and put to shame those proud and arrogant Web Masters that belittle with snide remarks and 'holier than thou' attitudes. Show them you matter, and that nothing short of God's will can stop People from making a change.


16 Jan ' 99

Thanx again for the support EAGB!

Want to Be mentioned in the news page?  Just send me mail or anything i might find interesting!