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Old News

June 25, 1999

- Added framed version!  Check it out, its sooooo much faster, and more organized!  

- there will be A LOT more updates, since i might add a Cheif Updater to the staff!  So keep checking back.

May 16, 1999

- Added new code pages thanx to Python and Ram.  They are, Battleship, Pokemon (updated and working), NBA Jam 99, Top Gear Pocket, and Carrot Crazy.

- I got rid or Flyers from the staff, everyone else stays, and soon, two more people will be added!

Added a new poll, and in order to answer it the best you can, read this:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL VISETORS:  I am currently working on creating a Frames page for the site.  The frame will be on the left side of the screen, and will feature all the menus on the site, and all the menus on the Peoples Section.  It also runs a lot faster than the normal site.  The news will be on the homepage, so there wont be a different section.  And, i am making sure that links to outside sites DO NOT get stuck in my frames (meaning, you can click on a link to EAGB, and it will apear in a new window, and not in my frames).  I feel this is a better way to improve my site, and just incase you dont like it, i will have an option to go to the normal page, or the frames page.  

there, now ANSWER THE POLE!

~ Viper

April 24, 1999

- Added entrance page

- Added codes for MONTEZUMA'S RETURN

- Added a new poll

- To my staff, i am updating the staff page next week, and if none of you show me you still want to be a part of this site, i will take you off.  The only two i am DEFINITLY keeping on are Python and Travis.  The rest of you better report to me.  In fact, Travis, i might even let you be my site administrator, so you can update pages and stuff.  talk to me if you are interested

- Since it looks like i will need a new staff, positions are open:  Graphic Designer (deperatly needed), Page maker.  If you dont know how to make a page, i will give you an FAQ on it.  No HTML experience needed.  Oh, by the way, you dont get paid, its just something to do in your spare time

- I updated the links section


- iMac + GBC?  It happened.  The iMac is huge in Japan, and so is GBC.  So why not combine them?  Click here for some pictures curtousy of EAGB.  Its a normal GB, just with 2 different colors, like the iMac.

March 27, 1999

- Added a new poll

- Added music, however, i am having some problems with it.  On my computer, it sounds fine, but people are reporting to me that it sounds EXTREMELY high pitched.  I dont know why.  i will look into it.  Oh, and if you cant tell, its KoRn's Freak on a Leash

- Hopefully, another update will come tonight


March 26, 1999

Tiny update today.  I really have been busy lately with school, and i apologize.  Updates have been becomming once a month, which is horrible.  I will definitly try and update more.  Heres what i did today.

- ADDED A DOWNLOADABLE GAME!  Its a Tetris clone, and is a shareware file.  Check it out in the Games and Stories section.

- Added a ton of links to the people i promised (finally).  Sorry for the delay guys.  Check them out, all the sites are great.

- I thought the poll wasn't getting enough attention on the Peoples Section, so i added it to the homepage.  It is the same poll.  I will change it this weekend.

Oh, and to winn a GBC, go here.  I put the wrong link last time.  Sorry :(


- Super Mario Bros.  will be DX!  New features include a harder game, save files, a red coin challange, and so much more!

-Sadly, Metroid II will not be colorized as everyone originally thought.

- Some Toys R US's aparently have GBC Gameshark.  Expect them to be popping up in more and more places soon.  Codeboy has told me that you will be able to send in your old GS for an update.  more on the soon

- Poke Fest came here over the weekend, and although i didn't attend, i heard it was a huge success.  The mall was jam packed.  I heard people had to park all the way down the street cause there were no spots.  My friend was able to get all these extremely hard to catch pokemon at high levels from the "master trainers" there.  Seemed cool, if your a pokemon fan.  I'm not

(credit to first 3 news posts go to GBC Dojo and EAGB)

For the Staff!

-  Oddjob, i am incredibly disapointed in you.  You haven't even attempted to update since January.  I cant run this site by myself.  Pictures still dont work for netscape, the old news hasn't been updated in such a long time, and you haven't even cared.  This is "your" site as well, so start acting like it.

-  I thank all the banner and graphic makers, you made the site look much better, but there is still A LOT to go.

- For the code creators, come on, send in the codes.  I need more pages fast.  Updates have been seriously lacking.  Ram, your excused cause you comp is broken.  Python, i dont mind the delays, but please, send some soon.  They dont take long to make.

- Dont forget, everyone on the staff can send in reviews!

For the Visitors!

- I am so sorry for the lack of updates, i will do as much as i can to update more.  

- I know i have been promising so much, just look at my last news post!  I cant do all that alone.  If you want to be a part of the site, it takes no experience, and i even send you an FAQ to make pages!  Its easy!


February 26, 1999


-  Updated the Peoples Section with a review, and a bunch of high scores, and even a new poll!  Definitly worth a look!

- I updated the picture page, with all of my banners!  Add one to your site, and i'll add yours!

- I updated the homepage, as you can see, with a totally different look (well, almost totally different)!

- I added the Games and Stories page!  Here, u will find games you can play online, and stories.  Send in a game or story if you have one!  The game up now isn't that hard, but still, definitly worth a look!

- I updated the release list too!

- I finally fixed that gex code!  Crave gave me a pic of the password that allows you to OPEN EVRY DOOR!

- There is a GREAT new banner at the bottom of this page!  check it out also!

Well there u have it.  Mainly an update in the peoples section, so definitly check that out.  I have about 5 code pages to put up this weekend, so come back.  Now, i would like to say something to Oddjob.  UPDATE!!!  You haven't updated in well over a month, and i dont see you attempting to either.  I have a whole bunch-a-problems that u need to fix too.

Speaking of problems, does anyone know why most of my pics on the site aren't working on netscape?  Please e-mail me if you do.

Lastly, do u WANT A FREE GAMEBOY COLOR!!  Then go to this page!  They are having a contest to win a free GBC!  It's called the contest planet!  Check it out.


February 21, 1999

Whats up?  I know its been a long time since i updated, and i apologize for it.  Heres what i added

-  BOX ART!  We have only about 30, but within the week, we will have over 100!!!

- I added banners, finally!  You can see them on the homepage.  If you want to swap banners, tell me, and i will gladly do it.


- Links

- More codes (i have them, just haven't had the time to put it up)

- A Review of WarioLand II Color, and NBA Jam 99

- A new pole (its been a lot more than a week i've had it up)

- More high scores

- PICTURES!  Tons and Tons of pictures!

So keep on comming back!


- Duke Nukem is a 2d game, unlike we hoped

- On May 10, new GBC colors will be comming out (see banner above)

- Nintendo released pictures of POKEEMON PINBALL, expect them up soon!

February 5, 1999

      Hi everyone!!!!!!  I am finally updating again, and what an update it is!  I added so much stuff!  Check it all out!

-  9 GREAT CHEAT PAGES from my staff member Python!  Most of them are COLOR games, and other popular ones such as HARVEST MOON, and POKEMON!

- 4 FAQS!!  - 2 EXCELLENT WARZONE faqs, a JAMES BOND 007 walkthrough, and a FAQ for GBC itself!

-  Also in the cheats section, EXCLUSIVE PASSWORDS FOR PITFALL, and MIB!  I got these from Crave themselves, so check them out!  GEX codes are also up, but i cant make ANY sense out of them, i posted exactly what CRAVE ENTERTAINMENT gave me - see if you can make sense out of it.  I will e-mail them today about it.

- 2 New READER REVIEWS!  Keep on sending them!

- A TON OF HIGH SCORES!  I really need you guys to send these in!  Come on!


There, thats it for now!  It has only been a month that we are up, and we have almost 2500 hits!  I know this might sound small, but i think its a huge accomplishment.  Dont worry about how little reviews, and codes we have.  That will all be added over time!  It might not look it, but this site is still under constructoin.  So, here is a list of things to come in the near future:




- MORE LINKS (yes, i haven't forgotten all of those people who requested their links be put up)




So please, bookmark my site, visit often, there will always be goodies in store!


January 27, 1999

      Gameshark Page was updated today as well as a slight change in how the main page lookes.  Expect more this weekend.


January 21, 1999

     First of all I would like to say the lack of recent updates and very near future because of studying for midturms.  This site should be back to normal after next week.

Exclusive codes givin to us by Crave Entertainment will be up soon!


January 17, 1999

      Big Gameshark Update in progress today and in the very near future!


January 15, 1999

       The People's Section is up and running!  Join the forum, start chat, send me your reviews, ask a question, brag about your high scores, take the pole, go into the message board.  From this day on, we are the Peoples site!

       The staff page has been updated

       Codes and FAQs will be up this weekend!

January 14, 1999

        Hi everyone!  I'm back.  I had the flu this week, but i'm better now so i can start updating again!  I updated the Links page, and added more GS codes.  

---------To my Code Page Creators:  I NEED GS PAGES!  I wanted to finish that section by the weekend, but i dont see that happening any more.  However, we will finish it, if not this week, then next week.

        Expect another update tonight with at least 3 FAQs!  

---------To everyone that comes here:  I want to start getting feedback.  Some people have e-mailed me, but not many.  We have gotten 500 hundred hits in two weeks!  I think thats a huge accomplishment!  So please, e-mail me.  Like, do u think i should add a message board?  A chat room?  Linx?  Get rid of some linx?  Get a FAQ for a game?  Focus more on____?  Send me a review.  Sign my guestbook.  I will do what is suggested to me, if i find it reasonable!  The site will grow the way you want it to grow, so send in those e-mails!


January 13, 1999

         The Gameshark page was updated with 10 new games.  Check back soon for more updates!


January 12, 1999

         The Old News section was added today to make room in this page.  We are looking for people to do reader reviews for this site.  We give you credit on the page too.


January 11, 1999

          Unfortunantly Viper is very busy this week and will not be able to do much updating, however the site must fo on and we do intend on getting the entire gameshark section completed and a FAQ up by the end of the week.  An Old News section will be added tomarrow.  Also we are looking for new staff members of this page.  If you are interested e-mail Viper.  


January 10, 1999

          Gameshark codes have been added to this site and will continue to be added throughout the week untill they are completed.  

          Gameboy news: Euro-Asia Gamboy reports that Duke Nukem: Time to Kill will be a first person shooter.


January 8, 1999

                I updated the Codes section with codes for Donkey Kong Land 2!  I also updated the staff  section with Ram9501's stats!  Check it out, and expect a HUGE Gameshark update tonight or tommorow.

January 7, 1999


         Not much right now, however i did update the Release Section!  Expect a new code page and a STAFF update later tonight, cause i found a code page maker.


        I added Ram9501's first code page - Turok 2: Seeds of Evil!  Expect another update tonight or tommorow with him as my code administrator and reviewer on the staff page!!

January 6, 1999

      I finally did it!!!  I got up a complete walkthrough for Zelda Links Awakening.  Not only that, but i added a Zelda DX version FAQ, that will tell u all the added secrets in the DX version!!!!  Go to the FAQ section to see them

     I still need banner makers, advertisers, code page makers, etc. etc.  Please e-mail me if u are interested, and i will put you on the staff page!  

    Yesterday, i added a Guestbook, please sign!!!

January 5, 1999

       I have changed the homepage colors, and i think it looks better this way.  Expect 2 more ZELDA DX FAQs tonight!!!  Until then read the one thats there, it is very good for the first two dungeons.


      I am sure those of u who subscribe to Nintendo Power already know this, but they are giving away 151 Mews to the winner of a contest they are having.  I have him (cheated using GS), he's ok, i dont really see the big deal, but its still a great Pokemon to have!

     Two new POKEMON games have been announced, Pokemon Yellow (Pikachu version), and Pokemon Pinball.  In Pokemon Yellow, u can start off with Pikachu, and by the looks of the picture, he follows you around.  The second piece of news i got from GBC Dojo, about Pokemon Pinball.  It will be the first game that will have a rumble pak built into it.  I will keep you updated as soon as i hear more.

~ Viper

January 4, 1999

        I am very please about how this site is running.  Only 4 days up, and almost 100 hits!  Anyway, i updated the review section with 2 new reader reviews!  That is all for now, but expect an update again tonight or tommorow with a FAQ!  It will most likely be Zelda DX.

      I owe a big thanks so Oddjob!  He is the technical wizard behing this site.  Without him, no pics would be working!  He has spent hours fixing up the whole site. THANKS ODDJOB!

      The last thing i would like to address is that i need advertisers, and banner makers.  If u are interested, e-mail me!  

~ Viper


      Well, i got around to adding my first Zelda DX walkthrough!!!  U can find it in the FAQ section!!  It is not completely done yet, but the person who made it updates it frequently, until then, i am working on getting a full one, so check back often!

January 1, 1999

        The birth of a new year, the birth of another site dedicated to Game Boy Color!  Welcome everyone to my site.  I am Viper, and this is my site.  So far, my and my vice president Oddjob are the only ones running this site.  It is very small now, but in some time, i hope this site grows VERY big.  We already have a release list, many links, some of our reviews (mostly mine as of now).  We have a reader review section, so please, send them in.  We also have started what will be a large code bank.  This is your one stop source for EVERYTHING GAMEBOY.  


~ Viper