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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Review by Turok

          I've always been a fan of the Zelda series, from the time the original was released to A Link To The Past(previously my favorite in the series), to Ocarina Of Time, one of the few truly great N64 games. So once I got my GBC, this game topped my to-get-list(why didn't I get it for monochrome Game Boy? I'm still trying to figure out). I expected to find a decent game. I didn't find it. I found a game that is probably the best in the series, and one of my favorite all-time games! From the time I first played this until I beat it, I could not put it down. Everything is amazing-the depth of plot, the sense of adventure, the sprawling overworld, and the sheer brainpower needed to figure out many of the game's puzzles. The Legend Of Zelda series has always been a unique combination of genres that's hard to define, but I will call this an RPG. The huge dungeons, numerous items and taxing puzzles seem to put it in that category. The game's plot sounds simple: as Link, you awake on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. After traveling south to the beach to find your sword, a strange owl informs you that you cannot leave the island while the "Wind Fish" sleeps, and that you need to gather 8 instruments to wake im. But it takes many plot twists, such as when you must travel to Kanalet Castle and retrieve the five golden leaves in return for the key to the third dungeon. Also, in this deluxe version, you will have access to a ninth dungeon. It's worked into the game very well; you should stumble upon it before you finish the game. If you've played A Link To The Past, and you remember what you had to do in the library, you'll know how to access the information on how to enter the dungeon. I suggest you use NO help at all in beating this game; it gives you a sense of accomplishment to solve a puzzle after wandering in circles about a dungeon for an hour or more. Everybody who likes RPG's, action games, or adventure games should have this.

Graphics, animation and sound - 10.0: Wow. At times, the graphics rival A Link To The Past's. There are well-animated cut scenes. Animation is superb, and sound is suprisingly good. There are digitized instruments used for the game music, as well. And the game's Start Menu and Map screens are laid out very well and useful, unlike most handheld titles.

Play control - 10.0: Play control is great, as is usual in this series. Hit detection is good, as well. One problem with this game is that you have to keep switching back and forth between items, but that can't be held against the programmers, only the designers of the GBC.

Challenge - 9.8: As previously mentioned, some puzzles will cause you to wander in circles for hours. I was originally going to give this category a much lower score because several of the dungeon-guarding Nightmares are too easy, but then I dealt with the ones inside the Egg of the Wind Fish-the Shadow Nightmares. They more than made up for the lack of difficulty in beating such Nightmares as the Angler Fish and Hothead.

Theme and fun - 10.0: Of course this gets a ten. It's a Zelda game. Deep plot, fun side games such as the crane game and fishing, huge dungeons, and tons of secrets to be found. This is a no-brainer.

Overall - 10.0: By far the best game on Game Boy Color, and currently my favorite in the series. Will the other Game Boy Color Zelda games, coming soon, live up to this game? We'll have to wait and see.

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