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*** ON HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME. Since this file was released

*** in 1993 I have received emails on a virtually daily basis

*** from people asking me how to do this or that, never noting

*** that the file was several years old, and rarely asking

*** politely (but rather telling me to tell them).***

*** For a long time I patiently tried to answer questions to

*** the best of my ability but eventually the pressure was too

*** much. I have seriously considered pulling this file completely,

*** but as a last minute change I decided to remove my email

*** address from it instead.***

*** If I continue receiving qestions I will however be forced to

*** pull the file and it will be the gamers who suffer. Please

*** respect my wish and don't send me any questions on the game

*** (nor comments on this solve file).****** Thank you.***


Note: Map coordinates are occasionally given as R<row#>C<column#>,both for the world map as well as for the dungeon maps. [Note that when this file was written I was unable to find two pieces of heart. Since then I found these pieces and, at the time of writing this 4 years later, have forgotten all about them. I believe one piece in in the right-hand side of the castle moat. The remaining piece, you have to find yourself.]

[Some game bugs include:

o Once when I restarted the game after having played for a while, the sprites that normally build up to a lightning bolt in the intro were not properly initialized and instead some level building blocks were used.

o Also only once, in the room at R7C3 in Angler's Tunnel (level #4) I sorta moonwalked over the pots and over the wall towards the chest, when the game suddenly hung.  There are other bugs too, all well-known by now. Some day I might have the time to describe them here. The bug reports below I have not had the time to verify:

o Get the power bracelet. Go back to where the toadstool is. Cut the bushes down and get the toadstool. Take one step east. Face south. Try to pick up the wall. If this is done right, you will pick up a rock and you should see part of a door.

o In Eagle's Tower (Level #7) someone "jumped from the second floor to the fourth floor with out warping or destroying the pillars.]

General hint:

o Some doors can be opened by picking up and throwing pots at them(this of course requires that you have either power bracelet).

Not in the main text but should be:

o When you get exactly 5 secret seashells, go to the seashell mansion and you will receive a secret seashell in the gift that drops from the ceiling of the mansion.

o You can steal from the store by taking an item and running out when the store manager is looking away. However, if you do, you will be killed upon returning to the store.

Solving Zelda IV:

o After awakening in Tarin and Marin's house (in Mabe village), talk to Tarin to get your Shield back.

o Go south to Toronbo Shores to fetch your Sword.

o Retrieve the piece of heart (#1) in the well in Mabe Village.

o Travel to Mysterious Woods. By going through a wooden stump, you will find a Toadstool. Take it to the which (at Which's Hut) who'll mix you some Magic Powder (20). Sprinkle Magic Powder on the raccoon to get rid of it (it transforms into Tarin, is it?). Now get the Tail Key from the chest.

o While passing through Mabe on your trip to Tail Cave:  get the secret seashell (#1) from the field of bushes, play the Trendy Game to win the Yoshi Doll, trade the Doll for a Ribbon from the woman at the Quadruplet's House, give the Ribbon to the small BowWow at Madam MeowMeow's House to receive the Can of Dog Food, play the Fishing Game and catch the lurker and a piece of heart (#2). (If you're short of rupies the Trendy Game is a foolproof way of getting more. To win each time you must time the release of the crane. Here's how to do it: With the B button, position the crane over the conveyer belt going down. When the object you want, typically one of the rupies, is at the top of the conveyer belt going up, lower the crane just slightly with the A button and release the button, and presto... object grabbed!)

o Stop by at Sale's House of Bananas and trade the Can for some Bananas.

o Use the Tail Key to enter Tail Cave (level #1). Inside you'll find the Roc's Feather. Beating the boss -- a worm-thing that you're supposed to hit the tail of -- earns you a heart and the Full Moon Cello.

o When you return to Mabe, you'll find that the Moblins has attacked the village and kidnapped the BowWow. Go north through Mysterious Woods to a cave in Tal Tal Heights to rescue BowWow. On the way, collect the piece of heart (#3) in Mysterious Woods/Koholint Prairie that you need the Roc's Feather to get at. To defeat the boss guarding BowWow, wait until he gets dizzy after ramming the wall and each time, quickly hit him twice with your sword.

o Travel with BowWow to Goponga Swamp and enter the Bottle Grotto (level #2). Inside you'll find the first Power Bracelet (it's guarded by two ghosts in a dark room at R3C2; to be able to defeat the ghosts you must, well, hint hint, use the Magic Powder). Since you need Bombs for this level, once you have over 200 rupies, return to Mabe and buy the Shovel, then buy Bombs. To get the Nightmare's Key you must pay attention to the stone slab: "First Pois Voice, Last Stalfos" (in plain text: first kill the rabbit, then the bat, and finally Stalfos, the robed skeleton thing). Also, grab the pot to make the non-moving platform move. Killing the boss -- a genie whose bottle must be destroyed first (pick the bottle up and throw it, whacking at the genie with your sword) -- earns you a heart and the Conch Horn.

o On your return trip to Mabe through Mysterious Woods, use the Power Bracelet to collect the piece of heart (#4) in the wooden stump (the one where you found the Toadstool), as well as the secret seashell (#2) in the chest. Under the stone at R6C3 is a genie who'll grant you more magic.

o Back in Mabe: return BowWow. Temporarily return to Tail Cave (now that you have Bombs) and get the secret seashell (#3) from the chest in the secret room (as shown on page 23 in the Zelda instruction booklet).

o Go talk to Richard at Richard's Villa. He'll have you return the five Golden Leafs from Kanalet Castle. (You don't necessarily have to visit Richard, you can go directly to Kanalet Castle if you like.)

o Go to Kanalet Castle. Give Bananas to Kiki the ape. He/she will call some other apes who'll build you a bridge (as well as leave you the Stick) so you can get in. Inside, you'll get the five Leafs by: killing the mad bomber, killing the raven (first throw a stone to rouse it), killing the first guards inside, killing the leftmost guard (that you have to use a Bomb to free from the wall), and finally killing the guy wielding a morning star.

o On your trip back to Richard's Villa, stop by at Seashell Mansion and get the secret seashell (#4) from the bushes nearby to the right.

o Back at Richard's Villa, get the secret seashell (#5) from the chest in his cellar. Dig in front of the owl statue in Richard's field to get the Slime Key.

o Use the Slime Key to enter Key Cavern (level #3). Here you'll find the Pegasus Boots (in a chest at the coordinates R2C3). Defeating the boss -- an eyeball which, hint hint, you'll have to run down -- gives you a heart and the Sea Lily's Bell. (I don't know, but I have a spare small key after completing this level, am I missing something?)

o Nearby is a Telephone Booth, and near the booth is a tree. By running into the tree, using the Pegasus Boots, you'll get a secret seashell (#6). In the single tree west of Tail Cave is another secret seashell (#7) that you can get with the Pegasus Boots (you have to run into the tree from the right, not from the top).

o Now, again since you now have the Pegasus Boots, visit the Dream Shrine in Mabe and fetch the Ocarina. Next, talk to Marin (she's at the weathercock) and learn the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" song.

o Travel to Ukuku Prairie. Give the Stick to Tarin(?) to get the Honeycomb. Also in Ukuku Prairie, under a stone (guarded by three pig guards, at R12C10) is a secret seashell (#8). Another secret seashell (#9) can be dug out from beneath the owl statue. To get at the statue, you have to bomb the west wall in the cave nearby (R10C9).

o Now travel to Animal Village. On your way, stop by at Martha's Bay, at the corner towards the mermaid statue. Cut the bush down to collect another secret seashell (#10).

o In Animal Village, give the Honeycomb to the bear cook. In return you get a Pineapple.

o The bear tells you that Marin's song will rouse the lazy walrus, so next is to fetch her. Use the warp hole to return to Mabe. Surprisingly (or perhaps not so) she's not at the weathercock. The small boy nearby lets you know she likes to go to Toronbo Shores. (Actually, she's at the far east of the Toronbo Shores.) Return via the warp hole with Marin, and rouse the walrus.

o With the walrus gone, you're on your way to Yarna Desert. Under a stone at the absolute southeast corner of the desert is another secret seashell (#11). Also, in the cave (at R13C16) is a secret passageway that leads to a piece of heart (#5).

o Defeating the sandworm boss -- by hitting its head -- earns you the Angler Key. If the key is swallowed by the sand, it drops down into the cave where you got the piece of heart.

o Next stop is the mountains. First, use the Angler Key to make the Angler's Tunnel appear from behind the waterfall. Second, give the Pineapple to Papahl (who's lost in the mountains, just as he said he would be). He'll give you a Hibiscus flower. Third, jump from the topof the mountain to land in front of the Angler's Tunnel. Fourth, enter!

o In the Angler's Tunnel you'll find the Flippers in the left, topmost room. To defeat the miniboss which roams the shallow water, use the Pegasus Boots and run him down from behind. To get at the chest with the Nightmare's Key you have to step on the magic stepping stones. Defeating the boss -- a fish, which you just hit repeatedly with your sword -- gives you a heart and the Surf Harp.

o Exiting from the Angler's Tunnel go east. Enter the cave and dive into the murky depths of the water within to find a piece of heart (#6).

o Return to the Angler's Tunnel and go west. Enter the cave -- Manbo's cave -- and learn his song, Manbo's mambo. Playing the mambo outdoors takes you to Manbo's pond, just outside of Crazy Tracy's house. Oh,speaking of Tracy, make sure you always carry one of her heart restoring elixirs. Playing the mambo in a dungeon takes you to theentrance. Remember to use it instead of taking the long route.

o Just about now a ghost will appear when you travel around. For me it has appeared both in the Tabahl Wasteland and in the Mysterious Woods. Roam around until it appears, then first, take it to the house by the bay, and then take it to the single grave next to the Witch's Hut. While at the grave, dig in the midst of the fungi near the grave to get a secret seashell (#12). Return to the house by the bay to get another secret seashell (#13), left there by the ghost.

o If you have enough rupies, now's the time to buy the Bow, before entering Catfish's Maw (level #5). If you don't have the rupies, temporarily return to Mabe once you do (you will get enough rupies in this level). To get the Hook Shot you must defeat the skeleton miniboss in several different rooms. The corner stones of the rooms tells you in which order to enter them (in order the rooms are at R5C6, R4C8, R1C6, and R1C2). You must dive into the water to get the Nightmare's Key. Defeating the boss -- a worm-thing appearing from the walls that you have to drag out from the wall with the Hook Shot and hit repeatedly with your sword -- earns you a heart and the Wind Marimba.

o Again go to Animal Village and give the Hibiscus to Ms. Goat who'll give you a Letter in exchange. Take the letter to Mr. Write and he'll give you a Broom. Return to Animal Village and give the broom to Ulrira's wife who in return gives you a Fishing Hook. What will the Fishing Hook become? Actually, it will become the Mermaid's Necklace if you stop by at the fisherman under the bridge to the island in Martha's Bay. Return the Necklace to the mermaid, and she'll let you take a Scale from her tail. Insert the Scale into the mermaid statue and you'll find the Magnifying Lens. You'll need this at the end!

o Now that you have the Hook Shot, go into the underground cave near the ghost's grave (you can enter it from a grave in the cemetery as well) and get the piece of heart (#7).

o Get the secret seashell (#14) from under the bush on the island in the lake in Ukuku Prairie. (How many prepositions were there in that sentence?)o If you have 300 rupies, go to the Signpost Maze and follow the instructions given. Pay Mamu to learn the Frog's Song of Soul. If you haven't, I'd suggest you get the money by playing the Trendy Game in Mabe.

o Next is Face Shrine (level #6). Actually, there are two shrines. First go south and retrieve the Face Key from the first shrine (the boss is easily defeated by shooting 12 arrows into it from a distance.) Use the Key to raise the second shrine from the ground. Inside, go to the left first. Here you'll find the level-2 Power Bracelet (you will have to Bomb a wall to get to it). You will also find a stair which goes outside, where you'll find a secret seashell (#15) in a chest. I had troubles finding the map; it's in a chest which appears once you have defeated the three magicians that's in the room. Defeating the boss gives you a heart and the Coral Triangle.

o From now on, you will need the help of the rooster. Unfortunately, it's dead, so you need to resurrect it. Its body lies buried under the weathercock in Mabe. Push at the weathercock and a stairway is revealed (and no, it is not possible to move the weathercock until you have conquered level 6). Play song #3 to resurrect the rooster.

o Before you take on the next level, it would be nice to have the level-2 Sword, wouldn't it? Therefore, now's the time to collect the remaining secret seashells. Up the mountain you go. First, while you're in the mountains, stop by at the Henhouse, enter the cave nearby and retrieve the Bird Key. Now, get the secret seashell (#16) from under the stone at the end of the bridge going right. Get another secret seashell (#17) from the chest on top of the mountain (just continue to the right). To get at the chest, you have to Bomb a wall inside the mountain. The three remaining secret seashells are: (#18) under the bush on the small island in the south of Martha's Bay, (#19) is hidden in the ground in front of the owl statue near the bridge, under which the fisherman was, and (#20) is in the earthen room to the immediate left of the entrance to Kanalet Castle (the one you need to take the rooster for a ride to get at). Now that you have all 20 secret seashells, stop by at Seashell Mansion and collect the level-2 Sword, with which you can shoot lightning bolts when your heart containers are full.

o Speaking of hearts, in the cave to the northeast of Animal Village is another piece of heart (#8) giving you a new heart container.

o Another thing you'd want to do before doing anything else is to go to Toronbo Shores and the cave there. As of a sudden, there's this dude there who will trade you the Boomerang for whatever is in your B button (I recommend you trade him the Shovel, or the Feather). Use the Boomerang to clear the field of bushes to the south of

Martha's Bay (at R16C10) so you can land there with the rooster and take the stairway down to the genie which will grant you more Bombs (or alternatively, more Arrows, if you say no to his first offer). It's entirely up to you if you want to keep the Boomerang or trade back your original item. The Boomerang is pretty nifty to have though, since it saves you a lot of Bombs when you are to toggle crystal switches, for instance.

o OK, now go to the Eagle's Tower (level #7) in the east of the mountains. Here you get the level-2, Mirror Shield. To get to the fourth floor you have to pay attention to the stone slab message: "The riddle is solved when the pillars fall." (What you do is that you take the cannonball and throw it onto the four pillars on the second floor and the fourth floor will fall down into the third floor!) Defeating the boss gives you (as always) a heart, and the Organ of Evening Calm.

o Head to the left of the mountain. In the room that you get to when you take the stairs going down at R1C8, Bomb the south wall to get a piece of heart (#9).

o Continue going left. Under a stone is a stairway down to a third genie. This one will grant you more Arrows (or Bombs, depending on what you did at the previous genie).

o Play the #3 song to awaken the guardian of Turtle Rock (level #8). Kill it, and enter. The stone slab says: "Fill all the holes with the rock that rolls, this (+) is the key." This refers to the thing that starts rolling out floor tiles when you push it. It can be controlled by you pushing the joypad! The crystal switch thatyou're unable to find is in a secret room at R6C7. You'll finda stair which leads out and to a piece of heart (#10). You'll alsofind the Magic Rod, which you need to melt the ice. Defeating the boss earns you a heart and the Thunder Drum.

o So, now you have all the eight instruments. Rush to the egg and play......the Ballad of the Wind Fish, what else!? An opening into the egg appears. You enter, but you can't seem to get anywhere. What to do? What to do? Well, Ulrira advices you to go to the Library, so why don't you do so. Using the Magnifying Lens you are now able to read the small print of the book of secrets. Here you'll find the directions to travel once you're inside the egg's maze. (Note: these directions vary from game to game, so if you quit the game for the day, you will have to return to the library to get new directions.) Finally, you stand in front of your last opponent, or rather opponents. They say: "We were born of nightmares... To take over this world, we made the Wind Fish sleep endlessly! If the Wind Fish doesn't wake up, this island will never disappear! We would have been the masters of this place... But you had to come here and disrupt our plans! Heh heh! You can never defeat us!!! Let's rumble!"

o All bosses up until now have been rather cheesy, but the nightmares are quite tough. There are six of them (or perhaps it is only one, which has six stages). To defeat them, I suggest you:

First : Use Magic Powder (3 times)

Second: Strike the lightning bolts with your sword (4 times)

Third : Stand still and just chop at the end of the tail (8 times)

Fourth: Run into it with the Pegasus Boots (6 times)

Fifth : Run into it with the Pegasus Boots (1 time)

Sixth : Shoot arrows at the eyeball (some 15-20 times)

o Climb the stairs before you, and... you have completed the game!

o Here's what the owl says, again: "Hoot! Young lad, I mean... <Link>, the hero! You have defeated the Nightmares! You have proven your wisdom, courage and power!... ... ... ... As part of the Wind Fish's spirit, I am the guardian of his dream world... But one day, the Nightmares entered the dream and began wrecking havoc. Then you, <Link>, came to rescue the island... I have always trusted in your courage to turn back the Nightmares. Thank you, <Link>... My work is done... The Wind Fish will wake soon. Good bye... Hoot! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."


Congratulations, you have solved the game!