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Michael Alfera Presents a FAQ for:


The Legend of Zelda:

Link's Awakening DX


v 1.1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. FAQ history

3. Main Items

4. Walkthrough

a)Getting the sword

b)Getting the tail key

c)Level 1--Tail Cave

d)Bowwow and the Moblins

e)Level 2--Bottle Grotto

5. The Ocarina & its 3 songs

6. Link's trading sequence

7. What's coming in the next version

1. Introduction

First of all I want to start off by saying that this is the very first FAQ I've ever written, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes.

Also please keep in mind that while this FAQ is for the color version of  The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, it can be used for the B&W game.

Email me any comments, questions, or additions at pikachuMOA

2. FAQ History

1.1 (12/29/98) - Fixed name of Magic Rod; Dungeon strategy rewritten;

Link's Trading Sequence added.

1.0 (12/23/98) - Initial Release.

3. Main Items

You will recieve many items in your adventure. These are the items you will eventually get, in no real order:

::Items you can assign to buttons::

Shield - A very useful item. Can be used to move sea urchins or deflect attacks. There are two types of shields, and one can deflect more attacks than the other.

Sword - Link's basic fighting tool. A twice-as-powerful sword can be gotten after you find all of the seashells.

Mushroom - Give it to the witch that's just east of the lost woods and she'll turn it into:

Magic Powder - Sprinkle it on burnt out torches to light them. Also

works on raccoons. :)

Bombs - These weapons work on enemies, and they can blow down walls. You can tell if a wall can be blown away with a bomb if it sounds "tinny" when you poke it with your sword.

Roc's Feather - Lets you jump over pits and other things.

Power Bracelet - Lets you lift up things that you couldn't before. There is a stronger variety that you get later in the game.

Pegasus Boots - Lets you run when you hold down the button. You can crash through some rocks this way.

Shovel - Dig up the ground with this.

Ocarina - You'll learn three different songs on it, each with a different effect:

          Ballad of the Wind Fish - Learn it from Marin. Play it in front of the Wind Fish's egg.

           Manbo's Mambo - Warp to the pool in front of Tracy's house or the beginning of a dungeon if you're in one.

         Mamu's Song - Use it to revive the dead rooster in Mabe Village.

Bow & Arrow - Very expensive, but necessary. Use it in combination with a bomb for explosive arrows!

Hookshot - Attack enemies with it or use it to grapple on to blocks and such to pull you across.

Boomerang - Weapon that returns to you. If you have the rooster, equip the boomerang and the bracelet, throw the boomerang, and then quickly pick up the rooster. The boomerang will circle under you, and you can attack in the air.

Magic Rod - Shoot fire with this very cool weapon. You can also use it to light unlit torches.

::Other items::

Flippers - Swim with these. You don't need to assign them to a button (you can't anyway).

Seashells - Collect all of them to get a L-2 sword at the shell house.

Gold Leaves - Get all 5 and Prince Richard will give you access to the key to the third dungeon.

::Dungeon specific items::

Map - Helps you find your way in the tricky dungeons, but almost useless without the compass.

Compass - Shows where the treasure chests and boss are, and gives a tone when a key is in the room you're in.

Small Key - Use once to open a locked door.

Big Key - Lets you get into the boss's room.

Stone Beak - With it, the owl statues in the dungeon will give you a secret. (In the black and white version of the game, it's a stone slab and fragment that you must find.)

4. Walkthrough

NOTE: When directions are mentioned, they mean from your point of view, not Link's. So when I say go right, that means go to the right side of the screen, and not anything else.

a) Getting the Sword

Okay, you start off the game in a bed in Marin and Tarin's house. Talk to Marin, and then Tarin. Tarin will give you a shield. Once you've gotten the shield, equip it, then leave the house. Go left two screens, and then keep going south until you get to a screen with two of those spitting enemies. Then go right. Pass the first urchin, and then hold down your shield button. Push one of the two urchins blocking the path out of your way. Continue south, and then go right. Push the urchin out of the way, and then take your sword. Before you can touch it, a talking owl will come out. Listen to what he has to say (it's important) and then take your sword. Go back to the village, defeating any enemy that's in the way with your new shiny sword. Go the the northwest part of the village, and cut down the lone bush there to enter the Mysterious Forest. The owl will talk to you. Then continue up, defeating all the enemies and collecting any rupees, hearts, acorns, or pieces of power they leave behind. Go up again. and then go right twice. Enter the cave. If you want the rupees in the chest, go around the border of the room and push the lower rock into the pit. Cut down the two plants, and then cut the other one down that's on the left side of the rock. Push the rock out of the way and open the chest. Continue through the cave until you get to a room full of rocks. Don't worry about the heart piece; You can't get it until later in the game. Push the rocks around to get to the exit of the cave. Grab the mushroom when you get outside. Now go back through the cave. When you get out on the other side, go up then up again, then right, and right again. Then go down, down, and right, and enter the witch's hut. Equip your mushroom, and use it in front of her. She'll turn it into a magic powder.Now go back into the forest, and to the raccoon. (The raccoon's one screen left and one north of the entrance to the cave that you went through.) Sprinkle the powder on the raccoon. It'll turn into Tarin, and then go up and get the key from the chest. The owl will come again and tell you to go to the Tail Cave. Go back to the village, and then go down again like you did when you were getting the sword, only this time turn directly right just after you leave the village. Keep going right, and then continue along the path until you get to the tail cave. Touch the keyhole, and the cave will open. Go inside.

b) The Tail Cave



8 - 7 -O 14

| |

9 O - 11-10 12 O

| | | | | |

O 6 - 5 - O - O -13

| | |

O O - 3 - 4


2 - 1 - E

To use this walkthrough, look at the map. The E means entrance, and a number represents a room in which an objective must be completed. Each number on the map corresponds with an objective below. The objectives must be completed in order. An O represents a room in which no objective must be completed. The - and | are symbols that there is a path between the two rooms. For instance, look at the 2 on the map. After that objective is completed, make your way over to the 3 and complete the objective in that room. I think this is a better dungoen walkthrough system because now I don't have to give directions like left, right, etc.


1) Bat the guys into the pit with your sword for a small key.

2) Get the compass, and kill all of the slime blobs.

3) Push the button to get a small key.

4) Defeat all of the enemies in this room for the map.

5) Get the key from the chest.

6) Defeat the mini-moldorm for 20 rupees.

7) Push the lone block any direction to open the door.

8) Defeast all of the guys by flipping them with your shield and then hitting them with your sword. Then go down the stairs.

9) Get the Roc's Feather.

10) Jump across the pit and touch the key block.

11) Get the Nightmare's Key.

12) Match the suits on the enemies for the stone beak.

13) Defeat the sub boss by jumping over the spiked bar and hitting him with your sword.

14) Defeat the Moldorm by hitting its tail 4 times. If he knocks you into the pit, you'll fall into another room. Climb up the stairs in this room and go back in and try again.

15) Recieve the full moon cello.

c) Bowwow and the Moblins

Once you've beaten the Tail Cave, head back to the village. You'll meet again with the owl along the way. When you get back, two little kids will run up to you and tell you that Madame MeowMeow's Bowwow was taken. Now go back to the forest and go to where you got the key to the Tail Cave. From here go right, and right again. Go one more screen right and get the piece of heart. Go up, and follow the path until you see a cave. Go inside. Kill the moblin in the first room, and the several in the next room. When you get to the King Moblin, he will charge at you. Dodge him, and when he hits in to the wall, he'll be dazed for a few seconds. Now, hit him with your sword. He'll be gone in no time. Go through to the next room and touch the post to get Bowwow. Don't return him to Madame MeowMeow yet. You need him to get into the Bottle Grotto. Exit the cave, and go back the the spot where you got the tail key. From here, go left, up, and continue right till you get to the swamp. Bowwow will eat the swamp plants to give you a path to the Bottle Grotto, which is in the Northeast part of the swamp.

d) Bottle Grotto

NOTE: If you need to, hit any orbs along the way to continue, or to get to your next objective.

13 - 14-15 - O - O - 17

| |

12 16


11 - O 19-18

| |


4 10

| |

3 - 1 - 2 - 5 - 9 - O

| | | |

20/E 7 6 - 8

20/E is the same room: entrance, objective 20.


1) Light the torches with some powder to open the door.

2) Defeat the Stalfos for a key.

3) Bop the bats to open the door.

4) Recieve the stone beak from the chest.

5) Read the owl statue.

6) Get the key.

7) Destroy the *&%^*%$ red guy with a sword spin for the compass.

8) Get the floating powder and step on the button for a key.

9) Get rid of the red guys (again) and then circle back around for the key.

10)Push the blocks together and go down the stairs.

11)Smoke the Hinox with your sword.

12)Get the map.

13)Powder one lamp and destroy the ghosts for the Power Bracelet.

14)Get the rupees from the chest.

15)Retrieve the key from the chest.

16)Defeat the rabbit, bat, and stalfos, in that order, for the Nightmare's Key.

17) Kill all of the guys and go down the stairs. While you're down there, pick up a pot to weigh down the second platform.

18)Kill the genie by first dodging his fireballs by jumping all around. When he stops, and goes into his bottle, hit it with your sword, and then pick it up with your bracelet and throw it against the wall. Repeat three times, and then the genie will be "hopping mad". Slash him with your sword when he materializes until he's history.

19) Recieve the Conch Horn.

20) Go back in the dungeon, and get the rupees at the entrance.

5. The Ocarina and its 3 Songs

You get the ocarina in the old house in northeast Mabe Village. To get it, you need the boots and the bracelet. Pull up the rocks around the door, enter, and hop into the bed. Make your way around the room and crach through the blocks when you need to. You'll eventually get the ocarina from a chest. Here are the three songs, who to get them from, and what playing them will do:

Ballad of the Wind Fish - Get it by talking to Marin in Mabe Village. If you play it in front of the Wind Fish's egg with all eight instruments, you can go into the Wind Fish's egg.

Manbo's Mambo - Gotten by swimming to the cave just east of the

Angler's dungeon. Play it outside to warp to the pool outside Crazy

Tracy's house, or play it in a dungeon to go back to the start.

Mamu's Song - Complete the signpost maze to meet Mamu. He'll teach you his song, which can be used to bring the rooster back to life under that weathervane.

6. Link's Trading Sequence

You MUST carry out this trading sequence to get the magnifying glass to read the book at the library.

1. THE YOSHI DOLL - Win it at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.

2. THE HAIR BOW - Trade the doll for it to the mother in Northern Mabe.

3. DOG FOOD - Give the bow to the little bowwow next to Madame Meow- meow's house and she'll give you the dog food.

4. BANANAS - Go to the alligator's hut on the beach that is south of Mabe Village. Trade the dog food for Bananas.

5. A STICK - Give the bananas to the monkey outside of Kanalet Castle. One of his friends will leave behind the stick when they leave.

6. THE HONEYCOMB - Find Tarin on Ukuku Prarie and give the stick to him. What happens next is funny (You'll see) and after the whole thing you get a honeycomb.

7. THE PINEAPPLE - The chef in Animal Village will ask for the honeycomb and will give you a pineapple in return.

8. THE HIBISCUS - Find the guy (I think his name is Papahl) in TalTal heights and give him the pineapple. He'll let you have his hibiscus in return for your kindness.

9. THE LETTER - Take the hibiscus to the lady goat in animal village and she will ask you to deliver a letter to Mr. Write.

10. THE BROOM - Give the letter to Mr. Write (he's North of the forest) and he will give you a broom in return.

11. THE FISHING HOOK - Go back to animal village (again!) and give the broom to the old lady there. She'll fork over a fishing hook.

12. THE NECKLACE - In Martha's Bay there's a bridge that, if you dive under it, you'll meet a man fishing. Find this man, and give him the hook. He'll go fishing, and "catch" the n ecklace, and give it to you.

13. THE MERMAID'S SCALE - Take the necklace straight over to the mermaid (in Martha's Bay also) and she'll let you take a scale off her tail.

14. THE MAGNIFYING GLASS (finally!) - Put the scale on the mermaid statue overlooking the waters of Martha's Bay and go down the stairs revealed. Go up one screen and get that magnifying glass.

NOTE: By now you may have discovered an "empty" room on Torbonto Shores. Well, it's not empty. You can see the man in there only with the magnifying glass. He will trade your shovel for a boomerang. It's a smart trade.

7. What's coming?

More Walkthrough

Pieces of Heart

Secret Seashells

ATTENTION: I need the names of the bosses!! Please e-mail me with them at

PLEASE: E-mail me at with the locations of any heart pieces or shells or any other secrets! Thanks!

I NEED OPINIONS: Do you like the style of the walkthroughs for the dungeons? Or would you prefer it another way? Email me at with your opinion!

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