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Game and Watch Gallary 2

by Crippler

Game & Watch Gallery 2/Published by Nintendo/ Reviewed by Crippler

Game and Watch pocket games were Nintendo's first entry into the portable video game market. They had liquid cyrstal displays and were made small enough to fit into anyone's pocket.

Game and Watch Gallery 2 is really nothing more than a collection of 5 Game and Watch games directly ported to the gameboy color. But, what makes this cart so special is that Nintendo has included updated versions of the same 5 games that contain improved graphics, sound, music, and even a few special gameplay surprises. Plus, G&W2 is specially made for gameboy color, so you can expect to feast your eyes on the great color the GBC can provide.

The 5 games included in Game And Watch Gallery 2:

Parachute: Move your boat to catch the falling parachutists before they drown into the ocean.

Helmet: Try to run across the screen from left to right while avoiding falling tools dropping out of the sky.

Chef: Cook up a storm, without dropping any food on the floor.

Vermin: Knock those moles over the head with your trusty mallet.

Donkey Kong: Jump over and stay clear of the barrels Donkey Kong throws at you. Then gradually make you way up to the top of the screen, where Donkey Kong is, and destroy the platform he is standing on in order to save the princess.

But that's not all. They didn't call it Game and Watch GALLERY for nothing. Every time you earn 200 points for a game, you receive a star. The same is true every time you reach another 200 points (400, 600, 800, and 1,000). As you collect these stars, special things will become avaiable like a message board, music room, and even a secret 6th game!

Now combine all this with Battery Backup, Interrupt Save Support, and Backward combatability with the other gameboy systems (Gameboy Pocket, Super Gameboy, and even the original Gameboy), and you have a True winner.

Graphics (9): The graphics are excellent. Each game in mordern mode feature all too familar characters including Mario, Yoshi, The Princess, and even Donkey Kong.

Gameplay (10): The gameplay is simply perfect. The simple but addicting gameplay will win over people of all ages. And with the GALLERY option, you'll want to play each of the 5 games over and over again, just to accumulate stars to find all the games secrets. (Including the hidden 6th game!) Plus, all 5 games, have 2 difficulty modes. (Easy and Hard) So even the most skilled gamer will still have a hard time getting 1000 points.

Sound (9): The sound is great, with some of the best gameboy music I have heard. Plus the sound effects are appropriate and clear.

Controls (10): The controls are accurate, reliable, and simple. Making this game one of those, "Easy to learn, hard to master" games.

Overall (9.5): I'm not sure I could give this game a perfect 10, so a 9.5 will have to suffice. The only real problem with this game, though, is that in order to see all of the game's secrets you will be forced to earn stars in all the 5 games' classic modes. Which are the straight ports from the 1980's games. Which contain no music, poor sound, and very simple graphics. But, if it wasn't for those simple games back in the 80's, where would we be now? :) This collection really has it all. And I personally think it is better than Tetris or Tetris DX. It is just as simple, fun, and addicting. Don't leave your Gameboy Color without one! :)

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