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Battle Toads

007-ED8-E66 Start with 1 life

O57-ED8-E66 Start with 6 lives

097-ED8-E66 Start with 10 lives

007-C2E-3BE Infinite continues

017-F28-E66 1 continue

057-F28-E66 5 continues

0A7-F28-E66 10 continues

FAC-CAF-4C1 + 007-B0E-F71 Infinite lives and energy

063-26F-D5A Start 1st life with 1/2 energy

06E-388-D5A Start with only 1/2 energy--after 1st life

0E3-26F-D5A Start 1st life with 2 extra hit points

0EE-388-D5A Start with 2 extra hit points--after 1st life

FAD-918-4C1 Keep axe after dying

005-42E-E6E Big arms that hack at you from caves in level 1 do not move

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