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by RAY

Tetris (the original)/ Published by Nintendo/ Reviewed by Stngry

My first impressions: This is a very simple game. It has no story or plot. It takes a long time to get far in the game. It is good for people who want a simple game with not much thinking. Although there is some strategy on how to place all the blocks without stacking them to the top.

Graphics: rating-6: The graphics are OK yet all it is some different shaped blocks. I think at the time it was made, late 80's- early 90's, the graphics were not that great.

Gameplay: rating-7: This is a game that never gets boring. There is also a different setting that has blocks already there and you have to get all the blocks out by filling in the lines. You also have the option to start in levels 0-9, the higher you get in levels the faster the blocks fall making it a lot more challenging.

Sound: rating-8: The sound is three simple songs. You can choose at the beginning or just turn it off. There are also special noises if you do something in the game.

Controls: rating-10: It is very easy to maneuver the pieces, and you can control the piece to go faster by just pressing down on the plus sign key pad.

Overall: rating-9: This is my favorite game because it is a very simple game. Its a great classic and you will never grow tired of it.

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