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Tetris DX

Tetris DX /Published by Nintendo /Reviewed by Crippler

Of course most everyone knows what Tetris is, at least I would hope so. So many people may be asking themselves, what is Tetris DX? Basically it's the same old game people have come to know and love for years. None of the gameplay has changed, or basic concept. In fact, there are only a few differences between DX and normal Tetris. First, the major difference is of course the use of color, provided you are playing DX on a Gameboy Color. With the addition of the full 56 colors Tetris can use at one time, it makes the game a lot easier to see, and a little more enjoyable as well. Then you have 4 modes of play, compared to the 2 modes of play found in the regular Tetris. In Tetris DX you have:

Marathon: Which is basically Game A, on The Normal Tetris. You Keep playing until the screen totally fills up with blocks.

Ultra: In this mode, you have 3 minutes to get the highest score you can.

40 Lines: This is basically Game B, on the Normal Tetris. See how fast you can clear 40 Lines.

Vs. Com: This is pretty much self explanitory. You play a best out of 3 series of Tetris against the Computer.

And you still have the two player mode, using a game link cable.

Then the other major difference is you can register you name into the game, and it will save all the statistics of your playing style as you play any of the four modes of Tetris. For example, it will show you how many total lines you have cleared, and what the percentage is you make a single line, double, triple, or even a Tetris. It's kinda of neat being able to compare your stats with a friend to see who is better statistically.

Plus Tetris DX also features new music(not exactly better though), the interrupt save option, and is backwards compatable with all the other gameboy systems (Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and Super Gameboy).

Graphics (? or 8): It's really hard to rate the graphics of Tetris DX. I mean all the game really is, is a bunch of different colored blocks. How can you really say this game has great graphics, when all that's on the screen are simple block shapes? However, on Gameboy Color, it is easier to see, and the color does make the game stand out a little bit as well.

Gameplay (10): The gameplay is still great, and the same it always was. Plus with the 2 or so new gaming modes, Tetris Dx has a little bit more to offer than it's original counterpart.

Sound (6): The Sounds are ok, but they are just the sounds of falling blocks and when you make a Tetris. But the Music is downright awful. The original Tetris' music was way much better. Do yourself a favor and play this game with the music turned off.

Control (10): The control is still the same as well, accurate and easy to use.

Overall (8.5): Tetris DX is really the same old thing, with color. However if you don't own the original Tetris, I do recommend picking it up. It's fast and addicting gameplay is really only unsurpassed by a few other games. However, if you already own the original, I wouldn't suggest buying DX. There just isn't enough here to justify spending $30 on another Tetris game. And if you do buy DX, then there would be no reason to play the original. And the last thing many people want to do is have a game just sitting in a corner collecting dust. :)