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Tetris DX

Game: Tetris DX / Publisher: Nintendo / Release Date: 1998 / Reviewed by: Viper

First Impressions/Story:  No story to this game.  This is an excellent puzzle game.  It is long lasting, and is better than the original version.  It has many modes - Marathon, Vs., Ultra, 40 Line Modes.  This game is an instant classic everyone must have!  This game is also 2 player.

Graphics 7:  The colors are great!  The backround changes colors as you go higher on in different levels.  The sequences followed by marathon mode are great!  You see different types of rockets being launched.  And in 40 Line       mode you see fireworks, and other things.  Its very cool.

Gameplay - 9:  This game never gets boring!  Marathon mode is a constant challenge, because it saves your top scores   and you will always want to beat them.  However, the thing that is going to keep you playing is the Vs. Mode.  The computer gets harder as you get better because of the save feature called "power."

Control - 10:  The controls are perfect!  You would be suprised how well you can manuver the peices.  Also, the             controls are a lot better than the original, and faster.  After playing this, and going back to the original, you will notice a HUGE difference.

Sound - 7:  The music (I think) isn't as good as the original, but its still not bad.  One thing i like is how the music gets       faster and more intense as you get higher to the top.

Overall - 9:  This is a must have game for all puzzle game fans!  You will never get bored of it, and it a perfect remake of the original classic.

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