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Game: Tennis / Publisher - Nintendo /  Release - 1989 / Reviewed by : Viper

First Impressions/story:  No story involved here.  It is a fast paced sports game, and is a definite buy if you like Tennis. The rules follow tennis exactly.  The players even switch sides every odd number of games.  There are 4 difficulty levels that will keep you comming back again.  It is a two player game, however there is no doubles.

Gameplay - 7:  This game is very fun, and long a point.  The first difficulty level is nothing, so I would suggest starting on level 2.  The fourth level gets very frustrating, and very hard to beat.  If your up for a challenge,  get this game. If you just want a great sports game, the easier levels are fun too.  The rules of tennis are followed, however, Mario (the ref) seems to make a lot of bad calls, causing you to loose points.

Control - 8:  The control is tight, and never really screws up.  However, the only thing stopping this catagory from getting a  ten is that when you get an overhead, and let it bounce, you wont hit the ball with forehand/backhand, but  you will still hit it like an overhead, always geing into the net. It can get very annoying.  

Graphics - 6:  The graphics are nice for a GB game.  The characters don't get blurred, but since there really isn't anything special, it only gets a 6.

Sound - 6.5:  The sound is very repetative.  But the crowd is a very nice added effect.  They cheer when someone aces you (you hardly ever ace the computer).  They also cheer after a set.

Overall - 8.3:  This game is great!  If you like tennis games, definitly get it.  If you want a good sports game, get it.  Since it is old, you can get it for a very cheep price (I got mine for $10).  I definitly suggest you and a friend get this,  because multiplayer is very fun.

Best GB Color Default:  Left + A

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