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Super Mario Land

By oddjob006

Manufacturer: Nintendo/Release Date: Long time ago

Sound and Music - 9:  Great sound especially for such an old game.  One of those games that u don't need to turn off the anoying sound to.

Controls - 7: Very straight forward with the control pads moving and the buttons jump and speed.  Easy to control but     cound use seperate buttons to control speed and jump.

Game Design - 9.5: Great design!  Levels are great and realism is good exept for a very small mario.  The addition of the sub and plane into the game add a diversity which also makes it more fun.  Also the  bad guys are different in different levels which adds to the diversity.  It also gets harder as the game goes on so it is not an easy walkthrough.  Downsides, not many.  No save button but the game is short enough so that isn't a problem.

Long Lasting - 6: Although this game can be beat in a rather short period of time it is always there to play again and in a sense lasts longer than other games.

Overall - 8.7: Great fun, a must buy, and can be got at a cheap price. 

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