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Shadowgate Classic
Review by Turok

          The original Shadowgate was the first point-and-click RPG on the original NES in 1989. Now it's on GBC, pixel-for-pixel. And those who aren't closed minded against games from yesteryear(my favorite games, actually) are glad. I didn't have this game in the 80's, so I picked it up quickly after hearing it was ported to the small screen. You must infiltrate Castle Shadowgate and stop the evil warlock from summoning the Behemoth, or the world will fall. Along the way, there are tons of puzzles to solve, many mysterious items that may or may not be useful, and death lurking in every room. Be prepared to die early and often. You can only learn by trial-and-error, this is the game's only downfall. However, because of the fantasy environment, logic need not apply. The game is rather short in terms of size, but it is anything but short in terms of gameplay. At many times in the adventure, you may find yourself throwing down the Game Boy unit in disgust. But you'll probably pick it up again, and you'll eventually progress in the game. This game also runs on the original Game Boy with suprisingly good graphics.

Graphics, animation and sound - 9.6: Animation is nearly nonexistant, except for a few scenes like when you vanquish the Behemoth-but even then it's basic animation. For the most part, graphics are static-but they are superb stillframes. You can see the individual tiles on the floor, knotholes in wooden doors, streaks in marble floors. That's why the graphics rating is so high. Also, sound effects are average, but background music is superb. The game has several dark gothic themes.

Play control - 7.5: Play control is limited to the moving of a cursor, and while it is responsive, it is nonetheless a chore. The only unsatisfactory part of the game, but it's really not noticable once you become accustomed to it.

Challenge - 9.5: Mindboggingly difficult, but once you know what to do, it's a simple matter of pointing-and-clicking to get the job done. No real playing skill required here, just brainpower-which is good in its own right.

Theme and fun - 8.8: I love RPG's, even point-and-click adventures. This game is very fun-even seeing the different ways you can commit suicide is entertaining. It has some replay value, as a quest this hard to crack never fully stays in your memory, but not that much. If you give it six months between attempts at playing it, it should be worth playing again.

Overall - 8.9: This certainly isn't the best game on Game Boy Color, but it is very good, and currently is one of the best RPG's on the platform.

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