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R-Type DX
Review by Turok

          R-Type was originally a hit series of arcade shoot-em-ups. They found their way onto the Game Boy console, and a Super Nintendo sequel was eventually created. This game combines both R-Type and R-Type II, available to play both in unchanged monochrome versions and color versions. It also features on the updated versions enhanced graphics and options such as a stage select. I must say, this is the best-looking GBC game. When I play certain levels, I'm reminded of the graphics of one of my favorite shoot-em-ups: U. N. Squadron. For those that don't know, that's an SNES game. These graphics are that good. The programmers have taken full advantage of the GBC's large color palatte. One of the things that makes this game so great is its complexity. You'll assault gigantic battle cruisers, infiltrate bases, attack aquatic compounds and battle with dozens of varieties of enemies. This one succeeded in the undoable-getting SMB DX out of my GBC!

Graphics, animation and sound - 10.0: This is amazing. The full color palatte is used, and objects are shaded to look 3-dimensional. Some backgrounds scroll slower than the foregrounds, another primitive but appreciated 3-dimensional effect. Animation is great other than the occasional corruption of an image, but it doesn't happen enough to warrant a lowering in the rating. The sound is superb, as well. This has the best music of any GBC game-not happy-go-lucky, but instead dark or aggressive. Oh-and the explosions look and sound like explosions, unlike most GBC games.

Play control - 9.5: The ship responds well to your movements, and controlling the Power Pod is pretty easy. However, aiming some weapons can be a chore, and occasionally trying to detach/reattach the Pod in the right place can be frustrating.

Challenge - 9.7: The first couple levels are pretty easy, but then the going gets tough! It's a good thing this game is as fun as it is frustrating, because otherwise it wouldn't get played much.

Theme and fun - 10.0: As with most arcade games, it's very addictive. And unlike most arcade games, it has variety, which creates lasting power.

Overall - 9.8: One of my favorite GBC games, if not my absolute favorite.

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