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Rampage: World Tour

Game: Rampage World Tour / Publisher: Acclaim / Release Date: Dec. 1998 / Reviewed by Viper

First Impressions/Story:  You are giant monsters going around, eating people, and destroying cities.  Can anything else be any simpler than that?  Even though there is no "strong" story backing this game, I found that this game is very fun.  If you don't mind repetitiveness, and simpleness, definitly get this game.

Graphics - 8.4:  The graphics in this game are outstanding!  The colors are used very well, and everything is clear, with the exception of one or two items.  

Gameplay - 6.7:  This is an extrememely fun game, but what brought it down was two simple things.  The first is that it is too repetitive and long.  There is absolutely no variety in this game.  There are 100 levels that are pretty  much the same, however, the backround does change.  The bonus levels are fun, but even they get  repetitive.  The other thing bringing it down is that it is too easy.  U have infinite lives, so whats the point  of playing?  There is a point.  It is a very fun game, even though you have infinite lives, the challenge is there.

Control - 8:  The controle is very good.  Everything does what it's supposed to do, and it is very easy to pull off a lot of different moves with just the two buttons.

Sound - 6.9:  Just like the levels, the music is way too repetitive.  However, when u throw a guy into the air to eat him, he screams, which is a very nice touch.

Overall - 7.9:  This game is a great game for young and old.  If i don't mind repetitiveness, and are just looking for a fun   game to play, i would suggest getting this.

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