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Duke Nukem
Review by Turok

          Duke Nukem comes to Game Boy Color in this side-scrolling adventure, a return to the series' 2D roots. Amazingly, Duke works well on GBC. The graphics are sharp and colorful, the play control is solid, and there is a fair amount of variation to the gameplay. You also have six weapons to use in the game, a large amount for GBC. There is a very good user interface, including a weapon select. In the game, alien Zorgonites have kidnapped Duke in an attempt to steal his brain. Duke breaks out of his cell(with the help of his explodo-molar) and sets out on a long journey that takes you to the Zorgonite leader's palace. In between, you will infiltrate various structures and destroy them(what else?). This game is fairly deep for a side-scroller, and the levels are very long. Though not up to par with the latest PC and console installments of the Duke Nukem games, this is a great game that action fans should pick up.

Graphics, animation and sound - 9.8: Excellent graphics-on par with R-Type for some of the best on the platform. Animation is excellent, and there are even some cinema scenes. Music is good, but sound effects are somewhat lacking. There are pretty good digitized "screams", gunshots, and explosions, but there is a complete lack of digitized voice, which should have been included.

Play control - 10.0: Play control is very solid. Jumping is not as much of a chore as it is in most action games. You can shoot in seven directions, and switching weapons is relatively easy. Also, picking up the controls to the tank and rocketship is pretty simple.

Challenge - 8.6: The game is not overly difficult, but due to its size it is fairly challenging. Also, getting through certain points in the game requires you have enough extra lives(which I sometimes don't, conveniently). Dodging bullets usually is impossible, luckily there are usually plenty of powerups available.

Theme and fun - 9.6: A great game that, like most action games, is worth playing again. The tank level in particular is fun to play over and over. There are eight game save files, so you can save your favorite levels.

Overall - 9.5: This uproots Metroid II as the premier side-scoller on GBC. Most gamers will like this one.

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