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Extra Credits

When you choose your diffulty setting (the three towers), press UP on the control pad. You can increase your credits up to 5.

Kombat Kodes

Enter these at the code screen before a match.

Play as Reptile - 192234

Throws disabled - 100100

Fight Reptile - 205205

Swicharoo - 460460

Dark Kombat - 688422

Message1 - 987666

Message2 - 123926

Psycho Kombat - 985125

No blocks - 020020

Submitted by Sub-Zero

Play as Reptile

When the "Enter Kombat Kode" screen appears before a match, enter the following: 192234. (MK, Skull, YingYang, YinYang, 4, Question Mark) If done correctly, when you hit START, the screen will say "REPTILE ENABLED". Now, the next time you select a character, Reptile will be in the middle where the MK design was.

Reptile's Moves:

Acid Spit: D, F, Punch

Dashing Punch: B, F, Punch

Face Chew: U + Punch + Kick

Player's Moves


Rising Knee- Down, Forward, Kick

Air Dive Kick- Up, Up, Kick

Fatality: Raise and Destroy- Forward, Forward, Back

Liu Kang

Fireball- Forward, Forward, Punch

Bicycle Kick- Forward, Forward, Kick

Fatality: Blast- Forward, Forward, Forward, Down

Quan Chi

Slide Kick- Forward, Forward, Kick

Tele-Stomp- Forward, Down, Kick

Fatality: Leg Rip- Forward, Down, Forward


Torpedo- Forward, Forward, Kick

Lightning Bolt- Down, Back, Punch

Fatality: Shock of Explosions- Forward, Back, Up, Up


Shurikens- Down, Forward, Punch

Flip Kick- Down, Forward, Kick

Fatality: Kick Off- Down, Down, Back


Spear- Back, Back, Punch

Teleport Punch- Down, Back, Punch

Fatality: Toasty!- Back, Forward, Forward, Back


Ice Blast- Down, Forward, Punch

Slide- Back + Punch + Kick

Fatality: Head Rip- Forward, Back, Forward, Down


Fireball- Down, Forward, Punch

Corkscrew Kick- Forward, Forward, Kick

Fatality: Kiss of Death- Down, Down, Up, Down

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