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Metroid II: Return Of Samus
Review by Turok

          When the sequel to Metroid was released in 1991, it was decided that it would be available only on the new portable Game Boy system. It was much better than anyone could have expected. The game's graphics were superb, matching the original Metroid's(except for a lack of color, which Super Game Boy or Game Boy Color fixes). Some games, when transferred to Game Boy Color, still look colorless with a seven-color palette. Not Metroid II. The default almost completely matches the original Metroid's color. No need to colorize this manually; Super Game Boy has a Metroid II file that contains the default color setting! The story of Metroid II is simple: Samus returns to where the Metroids were discovered, SR388, to destroy remaining Metroids. They have, however, evolved into nearly a half-dozen new forms, each more powerful than the last. This game is very challenging, but a lot of fun, too, which makes an addictive game. Although this is undoubtedly one of the major Game Boy titles, it was not optimized for Game Boy Color because it's among the few that don't need to be. A classic worth picking up if you can.

Graphics, animation and sound - 9.4: Excellent graphics, comparable to the original Metroid's. Color is superb on Game Boy Color, and sprites are extremely detailed. Animation is great. Very good background music, even if it is quiet at some times, and many good sound effects.

Play control - 8.5: Play control is for the most part great; jumping is easy to control, good transfer of the same play control as Metroid. However, firing missiles at fast-moving enemies can be a chore; only being able to shoot in four directions seems very limiting after having played Super Metroid. Still, some great play control.

Challenge - 10.0: Probably the most challenging Game Boy game, as each Metroid is difficult to defeat-and there are over three dozen, each requiring hard work to find.

Theme and fun - 9.0: Despite its challenge, this remains one of the most fun titles for Game Boy. Finding the Metroids is an excellent theme, and one that will take you a while to complete.

Overall - 9.2: An excellent game and a worthy sequel.

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