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Kirby's Dream Land


At the title screen, press Up + Select + A. The screen will say "Extra Game" and you'll have one Continue.

Extra Lives and More

This trick will give you a menu where you can select your starting lives, listen to the game's sounds, and more. At the title screen, press Down + Select + B.

Harder Game

At the title screen, press Up + Select + B. This makes new enemies and makes the game more challenging. It will also get you a better ending if you beat it.


When you beat the last boss in the castle you will enter a room with a pyramid of question mark boxes. Eat one and jump up to the top. When you reach the top question mark, punch the box and a power-up will appear.

Special Door

In stage 4 "bubbly clouds" there is a secret door. At the end of the level before you enter "kracko's" room, you will see a cresent moon, fly up to it. The moon is actully a door that sends you to a room filled with "power ups" and "1-ups". There is a door at the bottom that will send you to "kracko's" room.

Special Room

In the Cloud Maze, halfway througgh Stage 4. Look for a pond on the left side of the screen. Fly to the left side of the pond and walk down the narrow passage. At the end of the passage press UP to enter a hidden area.

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