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Donkey Kong
Review by Turok

          This game was released in 1994, one of the first games designed for the Super Game Boy. It had very detailed graphics for a Game Boy game, and worked extremely well with a four-color palette. The game starts off with the four original levels of the arcade version, pixel-for-pixel. That alone would make this a great buy. But wait, there's more. Where the game usually ends, Donkey Kong gets up and stomps, sending Mario crashing to the floor, escaping with Pauline again. The game heads through 96 all-new levels, with great backgrounds and more enemies, moves, and puzzles than one would expect for a Game Boy title. Some SMB enemies are here, including Cheep Cheeps, which are included in underwater levels. This game is like SMB fused with Donkey Kong fused with the most demented puzzle game you can think of. Taxing on the mind, and even if your mind is ready, are your playing skills? This is NOT a simple game, despite the simple graphics when compared to newer GB games.

Graphics, animation and sound - 9.0: Graphics may be somewhat simple, but nonetheless are superb-and if you don't know the difference, you obviously weren't a gamer in the 1980's. Excellent animation, especially with the many new moves Mario can do(backflips, pulling levers, etc.). Great versions of the arcade music and sound effects! Some good new sounds as well.

Play control - 8.0: Okay, it's styled after the arcade game. Play control isn't all that intuitive. It nonetheless is decent, and is consistent once you've become used to it.

Challenge - 9.8: A hundred levels, and after about 20, they become unbelievably difficult! This game requires a lot of dedication, but this is so addictive, it's not hard to be dedicated to it.

Theme and fun - 10.0: The original Donkey Kong was fun enough for people to spend many dollars per arcade visit. It's included here. Along with 96 more levels filled with fun, challenge, and puzzles. What more can be asked for?

Overall - 9.2: If you're thinking of getting yourself a Donkey Kong Land game, do yourself a favor and don't. Get this game instead.

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