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Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle

Reviewer:  Viper

First Impressions/Story:  You are Bugs Bunny (duh), and you find out that there is a treasuer hidden within the old castle.  It is your job to go through 60 areas in the castle in order to retrieve it.  This game plays exactly like the first two, but i have found it even more fun, entertaining and challanging.  This is definitly a must get!

Graphics - 9:  The graphics in this game are OUTSTANDING!  The colors are vivid, and the characters look great on that tiny screen!  The characters look pretty much like the previous games, only the color REALLY makes the difference.

Gameplay - 10:  This game is excellent!  It is filled with 60 levels, that get harder and harder.  Also, it is faster then the first two.  A LOT FASTER.  Plus, the vilains are smarter, making a bigger challange.  I could play this game over and over and over again.  The levels are varied, and there are different bad guys in different levels.

Sound - 7:  The music gets repetitive, but not to the point where u want to through it against the wall.  Personally, i like the music on the first one a lot better, but oh well.

Control - 9:  The controls are a lot better than the second game.  Everything is tight and responsive.  

Overall - 10:  I love this game!  If u liked the first two, this is a definit, and even if you didn't try the game out anyway!  Sure, Bugs Bunny is a "kiddie" character, but the game never gets boring, and provides hours of gameplay!

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