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Bubble Bobble

By Oddjob006

Manufacturer: Taito/Release Date: 1991

Sound - 6: Decent sound yet it is the same most of the game.

Play Control - 9: Very straightforward.  Short learning curve.  Control pad makes him move while the buttons are for     bubbles and jump.  Easy and not annoying, this deserves a 9.

Game Design - 7.5: Great idea and a lot of fun to play.  Downside, whats with the story?  Get moon water to heal your brother.  Thats it.  Other then similar levels the game is fun and intense with it getting harder as the game progresses.  

Satisfaction - 8: Great game that lasts.  Worth its very cheap price.  A must buy for people looking for a good quality     game.  If anything bothers me about the game it is the no save menue.  A lot of the old games don't though.

Overall - 8: Great game thats a lot of fun

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