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A Boy and His Blob: Rescue of Princess Blobbette

Game: A Boy and His Blob / Producer: ??? / Release Date: ??? / Review by Viper

First Impressions / Story:  I got this game as a gift when i was VERY young, and I thought it was terrible because I       couldn't play it.  One week ago, I found in under a pile of garbage and started playing it.  Once again, i came to the same conclusion, this game is horrible!  It is a game where you have to figure things out to get through a castle, and to figure them out you have to give jelly beans to a stupid little blob thing.  The concept is original, but the difficulty of the game killed it.  It's way too hard.

Graphics - 7:  Everything is clear and crisp, and you can always tell what the stupid little Blob thingy turns into.  Nothing   really makes this game oriinal.  It's just u and a blob, no backround or anything.  Yeah, there's the castle floor and walls, but thats it.

Sound - 6.7 - Too repetitive.

Control - 8:  Nothing really wrong here...although sometimes you miss the stupid little blob thingy when you chuck a jelly bean at him.

Gameplay - 3.5:  Ahhh, i bet you were wondering why i was complaining about this game when i gave all the other         catagories pretty good scores.  This game is terrible.  It is too confusing, the concept is dumb, u'll find  yourself guessing about what to do next, and after a while, you will just chuck it out the window.  It  doesn't last long at all, it's terrible.

Overall - 4:  Everything i needed to say i said above.  Do not get this game!

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