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Game: Alleyway / Publisher: Nintendo / Release Date : 1989 / Review by Viper

Story / First Impressions - No story here.  Remember the classic arcade game that was so simple, yet you never got   enough of it?  You know, the one where your this little space ship at the bottom of the screen, you could only move left and right while u hit a ball at blocks while other obsticles stood in your way?  This is that game, and it's just as fun as ever. You are Mario (is there any type of game he can't be put into?), and you control the spaceship hitting the ball at blocks. The goal is get rid of all the blocks.  Simple, yet fun.

Graphics -  4.9 - Ok, so it's not very strong in this catagory, but how high can you rate a black/white game that only   consists of a ball, blocks, and a little space shuttle?  But don't let the graphics discurouge you, it's a great game.

Sound - 4.9 - There's no sound really in this game...other than the ball hitting the wall and the blocks.  Thats pretty much it, but don't let the sound and the graphics duscourage on.

Gameplay - 8:  Now that we got all the bad catagories out of the way...we can go on.  This game is incredibly fun, and   hardly ever gets boring.  It was a classic, and still is a classic.  Simple enough for a chile, challenging enough for even the advanced gamer.  Bonus levels add a lot of variety to the game, because you can brake blocks that look lik famous mario characters.  The difficulty can get frustrating, since you don't have that many lives, but thats what GS and GG are for :)

Control - 7:  Ok, so you go back and forth, and there's no other movement, but the controls are still very good, and very fast.

Overall - 7.3:  The games a classic, and its very good.  But there is no concept, no sound, and it's too hard.  However, I still love playing it, even after 9 years!

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