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Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

by Eric

I recieved my GameBoy Color this Christmas as a new addition to my line of Gameboys (GameBoy Geezer, Pocket, now color). With no new GBC games, I popped in my old Zelda: Link's Awakening cart. After hearing the ping, I was amazed with the green sprites on a brown background. After reading a review by Nintendo Power on the colorized version, Zelda DX, I immediately went out and bought it.

I must say, I was impressed. Though the game is ultimately the same, the few addtions and the colorization was truly awesome. After seeing the "Game Boy" logo pass, the intro with Link in the storm blew my mind. Nintendo really colorized the game intelligently. The dungeons, in particular had new life breathed into them. I played the game all the way through and finished it in less than 2 days.

Now for the extras Nintendo threw in: a new, hidden dungeon, and a photo shop. It wasn't that hard to find the dungeon (that new book in the library...), and though it truly shown how the GBC can make use of colors in gameplay, the dungeon was way too small and too easy (I must say, though, the items found in the dungeon are pretty cool). The photo shop bothered me. I couldn't find more than 3 pics. Though it's a nice feature and the stickers look cool, it's basically stupid. Conclusion:

Graphics: 5/5 great way to show off GBC's color features!!

Sound: 4/5 unchanged from the original

Controls: 4/5 one of the easiest Zelda games to control, but frequent switching to the sub-screen can piss people off after a while.

Replayability: 1/5 no more of this crap!! I'm done!

Fun Factor : 5/5, like every other Zelda game.

Total: 3.5/5

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